FACE THE MUSIC (2007 New York Cast) - CD

FACE THE MUSIC (2007 New York Cast), CD
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Encores! Cast Recording

Musik & Text: Irving Berlin
Buch: Moss Hart

Judy Kaye, Lee Wikof, Meredith Patterson, Jeffrey Denman, Felicia Finley...


  1. Overture
  2. Lunching At The Automat
  3. Let's Have Another Cup O' Coffee
  4. Two Cheers Instead Of Three
  5. The Police Of New York
  6. Reisman's Doing A Show
  7. Torch Song
  8. You Must Be Born With It
  9. Castles In Spain (On A Roof In Manhattan)
  10. Crinoline Days
  11. My Beautiful Rhinestone Girl
  12. Soft Lights And Sweet Music
  13. If You Believe
  14. Well, Of All The Rotten Shows
  15. I Say Spinach (And The Hell With It)
  16. How Can I Change My Luck?
  17. A Toast To Prohibition
  18. I Don't Wanna Be Married (I Just Wanna Be Friends)
  19. Manhattan Madness
  20. The Investigation

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