INTO THE WOODS (1991 Orig. London Cast) - CD

INTO THE WOODS (1991 Orig. London Cast), CD
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Musik & Text: Stephen Sondheim

Julia McKenzie, Imelda Staunton, Patsy Rowlands, Clive Carter, Eunice Gayson, Ann Howard, Ian Bartholomew, Jacqueline Dankworth...

Songliste:   (Spieldauer: 71:50)

  1. Prologue: Once Upon A Time
  2. Into The Woods
  3. Fly Birds, Back To The Sky
  4. Witch's Entrance
  5. Jack, Jack, Jack, Head In A Sack
  6. You Wish To Have The Curse Reversed?
  7. Ladies, Our Carriage Waits
  8. The Curse Is On My House
  9. Into The Woods
  10. Cinderella At The Grave
  11. Hello, Little Girl
  12. I Guess This Is Goodbye
  13. Maybe They're Magic
  14. Our Little World
  15. I Know Things Now
  16. A Very Nice Prince
  17. First Midnight
  18. Giants In The Sky
  19. Agony
  20. It Takes Two
  21. Stay With Me
  22. On The Steps Of The Palace
  23. Finale Act I: Ever After
  24. So Happy
  25. Agony
  26. Lament
  27. Any Moment
  28. Moments In The Woods
  29. Your Fault
  30. Last Midnight
  31. No More
  32. No One Is Alone
  33. FInale: Children Will Still Listen

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