LOVE FROM JUDY (1953 Orig. London Cast) - CD

LOVE FROM JUDY (1953 Orig. London Cast), CD
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plus other Selections by the Stars

Musik: Hugh Martin
Text: Hugh Martin, Jack Gray

Jean Carson, Bill O'Connor, Adelaide Hall, Johnny Brandon, June Whitfield


  1. Introdcution / Mardi Gras
    I Never Dream When I'm Asleep
    A Touch Of Voodoo
  2. Love From Judy
    Daddy Longlegs
    What Do I See In You
    Here We Are
  3. Go And Get Your Old Banjo
    Kind To Animals
    I Ain't Gonna Marry
  4. My True Love
    Love From Judy

    Bonus Tracks:
  5. A Kiss to Build A Dream On
  6. Hug Me a Hug
  7. Barrels and Barrels of Roses
  8. Slow Coach
  9. Oodles of Noodles
  10. Painting the Clouds With Sunshine
  11. One For the Wonder
  12. The Glow Worm
  13. I'll Be Hangin' Around
  14. Vanity
  15. How Many Times
  16. Hans Christian Andersen Part 1
  17. Hans Christian Andersen Part 2
  18. Peter Pan - Part 1
  19. Peter Pan - Part 2
  20. Dancing With Someone
  21. Seven Lonely Days
  22. Bye Bye Baby
  23. Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend
  24. I Ain't Gonna Marry

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