SESSIONS (2007 World Premiere Recording) - CD

SESSIONS (2007 World Premiere Recording), CD
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A New Musical - Off-Broadway Cast

Musik & Text: Albert Tapper

Bertilla Baker, Amy Bodnar, Al Budonis, David Patrick Ford, Scott Richard Foster, Jim Madden, Kelli Maguire, Trisha Rapier, Matthew Shepard

Songliste:   (Spieldauer: 47:25)

  1. I'm Only Human
  2. Wendy
  3. Above The Clouds
  4. I'm An Average Guy
  5. Feels Like Home
  6. Breathe
  7. The Murphy's Squabble
  8. If I Could Be Like Pete
  9. I Saw The Rest Of My Life
  10. You Should Dance
  11. This Is One River I Can't Cross
  12. Living Out A Lie
  13. I Never Spent Time With My Dad
  14. Suddenly Some How
  15. I Just Want To Hold You For A While / There Should Be Love
  16. The Sun Shines In
  17. I Will Never Find Another You
  18. Finale: Dance / I'm Only Human (Reprise)

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