THE AMAZONS (2002 World Premiere Cast) - CD

THE AMAZONS (2002 World Premiere Cast), CD
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Orig. London Cast - There's Nothing wrong with England!

Musik: John Addison
Text: David Heneker
Buch: Michael Stewart

Elizabeth Counsell, Myra Sands, Lucy Montgomery, Suart Pendred

Songliste:   (Spieldauer: 69:05)

  1. Calais
  2. There's nothing wrong with England
  3. There's nothing wrong with England (Reprise)
  4. My boys
  5. The West End's the Worst End
  6. I'm only following my instructions
  7. Knees up
  8. Whatever can have happened?
  9. Let's stick together
  10. We shall see what we shall see
  11. On Parade
  12. A Nice Young Fellow
  13. Don't follow the music
  14. A nice young fellow (Reprise)
  15. She hates me
  16. Afternoon tea
  17. I thought as much
  18. The coast is clear
  19. Eurythmics
  20. Gymnastics
  21. Stag party
  22. Three pretty daughters
  23. A nice young fellow (Reprise)
  24. Whatever's going to happen?
  25. Finale

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