Solos From Musicals For Kids (incl. CD)

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10 exciting numbers with a companion CD


  • Be Kind To Your Parents (FANNY)
  • Beauty And The Beast (BEAUTY AND THE BEAST)
  • Born To Entertain (RUTHLESS)
  • Count Your Blessings Instead Of Sheep (WHITE CHRISTMAS)
  • Gary, Indiana (THE MUSIC MAN)
  • I Whistle A Happy Tune (KING AND I)
  • Part Of Your World (LITTLE MERMAID)
  • The Bare Necessities (JUNGLE BOOK)
  • Tomorrow (ANNIE)
  • Where Is Love? (OLIVER)

Seiten: 46
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Solos from Musicals for Kids is a unique collection designed especially for children singers auditioning for musical theatre or performing in various talent shows and revues. Here is a selection of songs that will flatter and delight the singer and the audience.

A companion CD includes exciting performances by soloists recorded solely for this collection. Particularly useful are the piano accompaniment tracks that are also found on the CD, allowing a child singer to practice the song over and over, without needing a pianist in the room. The recorded accompaniment will also save valuable studio time for the teacher, often spent making just such a recording for the student's practice.

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