MR MARK TWAIN (2009 Orig. Cast Recording) Complete - CD

MR MARK TWAIN (2009 Orig. Cast Recording) Complete, CD
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The Complete Score of the 1988 Musical

Musik & Text: William Perry

Songliste:   (Spieldauer: 71:55)

  1. Orchestral Prelude: "When Out on the River"
  2. We’re Goin' Fishin'
  3. A Pilot on the Mississippi
  4. Welcome to Paris
  5. The Can-Can
  6. Roughing It
  7. National Lecture Tour
  8. The Skating Madrigal
  9. I Know There’s a Place
  10. The House on the Hill


  1. The Camelot Rag
  2. Round the World Lecture Tour
  3. Russian Dance
  4. When Out on the River
  5. Let's Give the Folks a Taste of Royalty
  6. Swing Low, Sweet Chariot
  7. Men of Oxford
  8. Finale: I Know There's a Place / Homeward Bound

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