BLESS THE BRIDE (1947 Orig. London Cast) - CD

BLESS THE BRIDE (1947 Orig. London Cast), CD
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A Musical Show

Musik: Vivian Ellis
Text: A. P. Herbert

Lizbeth Webb, Georges Guetary, Betty Paul, Anona Winn, Brian Reece...


  1. Selections from BLESS THE BRIDE
  2. Introduction
  3. Croquet, Croquet
  4. Too Good To Be True
  5. Thomas T.
  6. Oh! What Will Mother Say?
  7. I Was Never Kissed Before
  8. Ma Belle Marguerite
  9. Ducky
  10. Bless The Bride / Act One Finale
  11. Bobbing, Bobbing
  12. Mon Pauvre Petit Pierre
  13. The Englishman
  14. This Is My Lovely Day
  15. The Fish
  16. To France
  17. My Big Moment
  18. Here's A Kiss for One-And-Twenty
  19. Finale: This Is My Lovely Day
  20. Grand Finale

    Bonus Tracks:
  21. I Was Never Kissed Before
  22. Ma Belle Marguerite (in french)
  23. Table for Two
  24. This Is My Lovely Day

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