CLOSER THAN EVER (1990 Orig. Cast Recording) - 2CD

CLOSER THAN EVER (1990 Orig. Cast Recording), 2CD
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Musik: David Shire
Text: Richard Maltby jr.



  1. Doors
  2. She Loves Me Not
  3. You Want To Be My Friend?
  4. What Am I Doin'?
  5. The Bear, The Tiger, The Hamster And The Mole
  6. Like A Baby
  7. Miss Byrd
  8. The Sound Of Muzak
  9. One Of The Good Guys
  10. There's Nothing Like It
  11. Life Story
  12. Next Time
    I Wouldn't Go Back


  1. Three Friends
  2. Fandango
  3. There
  4. Patterns
  5. Another Wedding Song
  6. If I Sing
  7. Back On Base
  8. The March Of Time
  9. Fathers Of Fathers
  10. It's Never That Easy
    I've Been Here Before
  11. Closer Than Ever

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