CRANKS (1955 Orig. London Cast) - CD

CRANKS (1955 Orig. London Cast), CD
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with bonus tracks by Annie Ross

Musik: John Addison
Text: John Cranko

Anthony Newley, Annie Ross, Hugh Bryant, Gilbert Vernon


  1. Who’s Who / Adrift
  2. Where Has Tom Gone?
  3. Cold Comfort
  4. Passacaglia
  5. Who Is It Always There
  6. Chiromancy
  7. New Blue
  8. Valse Anglaise
  9. Don’t Let Him Know You
  10. Sea Song
  11. Telephone Tango
  12. I'm The Boy You Should Say “Yes” To
  13. Metamorphosis
  14. Would You Let Me Know?
  15. Dirge
  16. Arthur, Son Of Martha
  17. Goodnight

    Bonus Tracks sung by Annie Ross
  18. Annies Blues
  19. Twisted
  20. Farmer's Market
  21. The Time Was Right
  22. Annie's Lament
  23. The Fish
  24. Mama (He Treats Your Daughter Mean)
  25. Cry Me A River
  26. Only You (And You Alone)
  27. I Want You To Be My Baby

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