NEXT TO NORMAL (2009 Orig. Broadway Cast) - 2CD

NEXT TO NORMAL (2009 Orig. Broadway Cast), 2CD
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Musik: Tom Kitt
Text: Brian Yorkey
Buch: Brian Yorkey

Alice Ripley, J. Robert Spencer, Jennifer Damiano, Aaron Tveit, Adam Chanler-Berat, Louis Hobson


  1. Prelude
  2. Just Another Day
  3. Everything Else
  4. Who's Crazy / My Psychopharmacologist and I
  5. Perfect For You
  6. I Miss The Mountains
  7. It's Gonna Be Good
  8. He's Not Here
  9. You Don't Know
  10. I Am The One
  11. Superboy And The Invisible Girl
  12. I'm Alive
  13. Make Up Your Mind / Catch Me I'm Falling
  14. I Dreamed A Dance
  15. There's A World
  16. I've Been
  17. Didn't I See This Movie?
  18. A Light In The Dark


  1. Wish I Were Here
  2. Song Of Forgetting
  3. Hey #1
  4. Seconds And Years
  5. Better Than Before
  6. Aftershocks
  7. Hey #2
  8. You Don't Know (Reprise)
  9. How Could I Ever Forget?
  10. It's Gonna Be Good (Reprise)
  11. Why Stay? / A Promise
  12. I'm Alive (Reprise)
  13. The Break
  14. Make Up Your Mind / Catch Me I'm Falling (Reprise)
  15. Maybe (Next to Normal)
  16. Hey #3 / Perfect For You (Reprise)
  17. So Anyway
  18. I Am The One (Reprise)
  19. Light

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