Sondheim - Film & TV Songs (Revised Ed.)

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  • Back In Business (Dick Tracy)
  • Dawn
  • The Glamorous Life (A LITTLE NIGHT MUSIC)
  • Goodbye For Now (Reds)
  • I Never Do Anything Twice (The Seven-per-Cent Solution)
  • I Remember (Evening Primrose)
  • If You Can Find Me, I'm here (Evening Primrose)
  • Little Dream (The Birdcage)
  • Live Alone And Like It (Dick Tracy)
  • More (Dick Tracy)
  • No, Mary Ann
  • Rainbows
  • Sand
  • Sooner Or Later (Dick Tracy)
  • Take Me To The World (Evening Primrose)
  • The Two Of You
  • Theme from Stavisky
  • They Ask Me Why I Believe In You
  • Water Under The Bridge (Singing Out Loud)
  • What Can You Lose? (Dick Tracy)
  • When? (Evening Primrose)

Seiten: 180
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