BUGSY MALONE (1997 Orig. Cast Recording) - CD

BUGSY MALONE (1997 Orig. Cast Recording), CD
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Musik & Text: Paul Williams
Buch: Alan Parker

Songliste:   (Spieldauer: 44:10)

  1. Overture
  2. Bugsy Malone
  3. Fat Sam's Grand Slam
  4. That's Why They Call Him Dandy
  5. Tomorrow
  6. Show Business
  7. Bad Guys
  8. Double Chorus
  9. You Give A Little Love (Finale Act One)
  10. My Name Is Tallulah
  11. I'm Feeling Fine
  12. So You Wanna Be A Boxer?
  13. Ordinary Fool
  14. Down And Out
  15. You Give A Little Love (Finale Act Two)
  16. Exit Music

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