HOT MIKADO (1995 Orig. Cast Recording) - CD

HOT MIKADO (1995 Orig. Cast Recording), CD
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Musik: Arthur Sullivan, Rob Bowman
Text: W.S. Gilbert, David H. Bell


  1. Overture
  2. We Are Gentlemen Of Japan
  3. A Wand'ring Minstrel I
  4. And The Drums Will Crash
  5. Behold The Lord High Exectutioner
  6. I've Got A Little List
  7. Three Little Maids
  8. This Is What I'll Never Do
  9. I Am So Proud
  10. Let The Throng Our Joy Advance
  11. Katisha's Entrance
  12. For He's Gonna Marry Yum-Yum
  13. The Hour Of Gladness
  14. Finale Act One
  15. Entr'acte
  16. Braid The Raven Hair
  17. The Sun & I
  18. Swing A Merry Madrigal
  19. Here's A Howdy-Do
  20. The Mikado Song
  21. Alone And Yet Alive
  22. Tit-Willow
  23. Beauty In The Bellow
  24. Finale
  25. Play Out

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