FORBIDDEN BROADWAY Vol.1 (1984 Orig. Cast Rec.) - CD

FORBIDDEN BROADWAY Vol.1 (1984 Orig. Cast Rec.), CD
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Musik: div.
Text: Gerard Alessandrini

Gerard Alessandrini, Fred Barton, Bill Carmichael, Nora Mae Lyng und Chloe Webb


  1. Forbidden Broadway
  2. Non Piu Andral (AMADEUS)
  3. Don't Cry For Me (EVITA)
  4. Annie's Favorite Showtune (Tomorrow, ANNIE)
  5. Pirates Of Penzance Sequence
  6. Be A Catholic (Be Italian, NINE)
  7. Triplets
  8. Bankable Stars (Beautiful Girls, FOLLIES)
  9. I'm Entertainment (That's Entertainment)
  10. Angela Lansbury Sequence: Mame / If The Show Had Run Past Labor Day (If He Walked Into My Life, MAME)
  11. Audition Sequence: Soliloquy (CAROUSEL) / I'm Sick Of Playing Their Songs (THEY'RE PLAYING OUR SONG)
  12. Merman & Martin Sequence: It's De Merman (It's De-Lovely, ANYTHING GOES) / I'm Larry Hagman's Mother (My Heart Belongs To Daddy) / Mutual Aggravation Society (Mutual Admiration Society)
  13. Carol Channing Sequence: Call On Carol (Call On Dolly, HELLO DOLLY) / Dolly Is A Girl's Best Friend (Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend) / Oh No, Carol (Hello Dolly)
  14. Ambition (Tradition, FIDDLER ON THE ROOF) / Climb Ev'ry Mountain (SOUND OF MUSIC)
  15. Forbidden Broadway (Reprise)

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