BOY FRIEND & SALAD DAYS (1954 Orig. London Casts) - CD

BOY FRIEND & SALAD DAYS (1954 Orig. London Casts), CD
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Notes and Full Recording details included

Musik: Sandy Wilson, Julian Slade
Text: Sandy Wilson, Dorothy Reynolds

Anne Rogers, Denise Hirst, Anthony Hayes, Eleanor Drew, John Warner, James Cairncress...


  1. The Boy Friend - Orchestral selections
  2. Overture
  3. Perfect Young Ladies
  4. The Boy Friend
  5. Won't You Charleston With Me
  6. Fancy Forgetting
  7. I Could Be Happy With You
  8. Sur Le Plage
  9. A Room In Bloomsbury
  10. It's Nicer In Nice
  11. The Riviera
  12. It's Never Too Late To Fall In Love
  13. Carnival Tango
  14. Poor Little Pierrette
  15. Reprise: The Boy Friend - I Could Be Happy With You (Company)


  1. SALAD DAYS - instrumental selections
  2. The Things That Are Done By A Don
  3. We Said We Wouldn't Look Back
  4. Find Yourself Something To Do
  5. I Sit In The Sun
  6. Oh, Look At Me
  7. Hush-Hush
  8. Out Of Breath
  9. Cleopatra
  10. It's Easy To Sing
  11. We're Looking For A Piano
  12. The Time Of My Life
  13. The Saucer Song
  14. Reprise: We Said We Wouldn't Look Back - It's Easy To Sing - I Sit In The Sun - We're Looking For A Piano - The Time Of My Life - Oh, Look At Me

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