THE WIZ (1978 Orig. Soundtrack) - 2CD

THE WIZ (1978 Orig. Soundtrack), 2CD
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Original Soundtrack

Diana Ross, Michael Jackson, Nipsey Russell, Richard Pryor, Ted Ross...


  1. Main Title (Overture, Part I)
  2. Overture (Part II)
  3. The Feeling That We Have
  4. Can I Go On?
  5. Glinda's Theme
  6. He's The Wizard
  7. Soon As I Get Home / Home
  8. You Can't Win
  9. Ease On Down The Road #1
  10. What Would I Do If I Could Feel?
  11. Slide Some Oil To Me
  12. Ease on Down The Road #2
  13. (I'm A) Mean Ole Lion
  14. Ease On Down The Road #3
  15. Poppy Girls

  1. Be A Lion
  2. End Of The Yellow Brick Road
  3. Emerald City Sequence
  4. So You Wanted To See The Wizard
  5. Is This What Feeling Gets? (Dorothy's Theme)
  6. Don't Nobody Bring Me No Bad News
  7. A Brand New Day
  8. Believe In Yourself (Dorothy)
  9. The Good Witch Glinda
  10. Believe In Yourself (Reprise)
  11. Home

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